NovaCaddy Electric Golf Trolley with Remote Control, S1R-Digital

The electric golf trolley, S1R-Digital, is drived by 2 of 200W powerful and highly efficient 3rd generation motors. It features lightweight high tech aluminum frame with durable polymer component. An easy one setp, one click setup design, make it easy to setup and folding. Digital platform offering unsurpassed efficiency and reliability. The innovative handle controls (features cruise, 10/20/30 Meter, Pause, LED battery indicator, and speed adjustment knob). Smaller, lighter battery without any loss of power or performance, and the most powerful battery in the market. The trolley can be easily pushed even without battery power, so you will never be stuck out on the course.

With remote control, you can control the trolley within the range of 160 yards. The remote features Start, Pause, Forward, Backward, Left Turn, Right Turn, and 9 speed selection.

In the unlikely event you encounter a problem, the new S1R-Digital includes a revolutionary self diagnosis system to discover the fault and get you back on the course quicker than ever before. Key components are now even easier to change.

Speed up to 8km/hr (6 MPH). Distance is 20km (12.5 Miles) per charge. It means run more than 2 of 18 holes course per charge.

The S1R-Digital is without doubt one of the most high performance and competitive carts in the global market for motorized golf push carts and it represents what really counts in this market: A Great Balance between Functionality, Performance, Practicality and Value!

  • Digital control panel offering "On-Off" and nine speed settings for ease of use.
  • Digital T handle(10m,20m,30m)
  • Automatic forward Cruise functions
  • Electronic brake and Go/Stop function
  • Remote control up to 160 yard.
  • Dual handle catering for left and right handed golfers
  • Lightweight and very sturdy aerospace grade aluminum frame. 12.4kg (27lb) without battery, 23.4kg (51lb) with battery.
  • Quick Release Wheels
  • Includes Slimline 4A Charger - stops charging when the battery is full. No need to worry overcharge.
  • 2 of 200W motors , Battery: 12V, 33Ah
  • Max. Load capacity: 40kg (88lb)
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