JSC602-1000 Laser Rangefinder

"How far is it?" How far to deliver the bunker? How far to carry on the water? How far to the pin? Those are most common question on golf tour. You play on spot, not play on area in golf course. This is why you need to know the exacted distance. Accurate could be everything in golf course. Why guess it? Measure it.

With our compact and easy to use JCS602-1000 Laser Rangefinder, simply aim the pin, click the button, and read the yardage from LCD in second. It´s not limited to just the flag, it can get the bunker, water hazard, tree, green and everything on the course in distance at 1 yard accuracy. Read will remain on screen for 10 seconds. The measure rang is from 15 yard to 1530 yard. It weighs only 7 ounces, weather proof and packed with features. Thanks to 7x magnification, the largest 26mm object lens in the market, wide field of view and LCD display, it´s easy to spot the pin. This device features scan function which allow you to automatic measure from spot to spot without bush button.

Measure is in yard and meter. You can switch between them by press a button. Comes with battery, carrying case and manual, it´s ready to use out of box.

This high quality laser rangefinder will make you playing with confidence. It is your must have device in your golf bag.

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